50000 LPH R.O Plant

Model: 50000 LPH


R.O. Plant Capacity 50000 LPH

Raw Water Parameter

Our design and system /assembling is based on the water characteristics of raw water of site. Since the same is not readily available we presume that the dissolved solid contents shall not exceed 1500 ppm. We are considering this figure for our design.

In the absence of any confirmed water analysis report we also presume that the water is free from oil & grease, suspended matters organics heavy metals etc. We also suggest you to get raw water analysis for complete physique-chemical analysis for confirmation of the capacities and quality.

Treated Water Quality

The treated water quality at the outlet of R.O.Plant shall be as follows:-
Raw water TDS – 1500 ppm
Total Dissolved Solids – 100 ppm

Scope of Supply

S. No. Description Quantity
1 Raw Water Feed Pump with motor 1
2 Sand Media Filter 1
3 Activated Carbon Filter 1
4 Anti Scalent Dosing Pump 1
5 Housing with filter 5 micron 2
6 S.S. Multistage High Pressures Pump 1
7 Membrane Housing 4040E2 FRP 1
8 R O Membrane High Rejection (99.3%) Brackish Water 4040 1
9 Multi Port Valves 3/4” in & out Imp 2
10 Fine Filtered Water-Blending Line with Micron 1
11 Filter, PVC Pipeline and Fittings 1 Lot
12 MS Electrical Panel with Controls 1
13 Pressures Gauges 3
14 Rota Meter Reject & Permeate 2
15 S.S. Skid 1
16 UV 1

Row Water Feed Pump
Type : Monoblock Centrifugal
Material of Construction : C.Is
Make : CRI, Kirloskar
Drive motor : Single Phase

Sand Media Filter
Working : Down flow
Max flow rate : 3m3/hr
Min. flow rate : 0.5 m3/hr
Working pressure : 1.5 – 3.5 kg/cm2
Size : 13”X54”
Make : Pentair
Valves : Multi Port Valve 25mm

Carbon Filter
Working : Down flow
Max flow rate : 3m3/hr
Min.flow rate : 0.5m3/hr
Working pressure : 1.5 – 3.5 kg/cm2
Size : 13”X54”
Make : Pentair
Valves : Multiport valves 25mm

Anti Scalant Dosing Unit
Make : E-DOSE ,IMP
Capacity : 6 LPH @ 3.5 bar
Storage Tank :
Capacity :

Micron Cartridge Filter
Quantity : 1 set
Flow rate : 3m3/hr
Rating : 5 micron
Make : Filtech/ USF

Cartridge Housing
Quantity : 2 nos.
Make : Polycarbonate

High Pressure Pump
Type : Multistage Centrifugal
Make : CRI
Drive motor : Single Phase
Model : CDL- 2-18

Membrane Housing
Type : SS
PSI : 250
Make : HSP, ALFA,Imp
Size : 4080E2

Type : High Rejection Brackish water
Membrane : CSM
Modal : 4040
Size : 40” x 40”
Rejection : 99.3%

Flow Meter
Quantity : 2 nos.
Type : Glass Tube Rota mater
Make : Flow max, IMP

Pressures Gauge
Quantity : 3 nos.
Type : IMP
Make : Back Mounted

One Lot Fine Filtered Blending with micron filter, UPVC pipeline and fitting for blending in R.O. Permeate.

Delivery : 3-4 weeks from the date of your confirmed order with advance.
Price : above quoted price is ex-works at Janakpur.
Payment terms : 70% advance (non-refundable).

30% along with all taxes duties against by purchaser.
Octroi : wherever applicable to be arranged by purchaser.
Freight : on to pay basis.
Insurance : transit cum storage insurance will be charged extra at actual to your account. Prior notice
Installation charges : included in price.
Machine will provide on job training to your operators at your works.

Cancellation : order once placed cannot be cancelled. In the event of order by you the against payment made by you will be adjusted against expenses incurred by us.
Warranty : All electrical parts is covered by 1 year warranty. Manufacturing defects will replaced free of cost.
Validity : 30 days.
Excluding : raw water pipe line, raw water tank, pure water storage tank and plumber charges.

Our Prices for supply of :-
Reverse Osmosis Technology based Water Treatment Plant
Capacity – 250 drinking water purposes as detailed
Rs. 4,99,300/-(Including Tax)

Order Placement
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