Model: 2000 LPH


R.O. Plant Capacity:2000 LPH

Raw Water Parameter

Our design and system /assembling is based on the water characteristics of raw water of
site. Since the same is not readily available we presume that the dissolved solid contents
shall not exceed 1500 ppm. We are considering this figure for our design. In the absence of any confirmed water analysis report we also presume that the water isvfree from oil & grease, suspended matters organics heavy metals etc. We also suggest you to get raw water analysis for complete physique-chemical analysis for confirmation of the capacities and quality

Treated Water Quality

The treated water quality at the outlet of R.O.Plant shall be as follows:-
Raw water TDS – 1500 ppm
Total Dissolved Solids – 100 ppm

Reverse Osmosis Technology based Water Treatment Plant
Capacity: 1000 drinking water purposes as detailed

INR 20,95,000
GST & Other Taxes extra.

Row Water Feed Pump
Type : Monoblock Centrifugal

Sand Media Filter
Working : Down flow

Carbon Filter
Working : Down flow

Anti Scalant Dosing Unit
Make : E-DOSE ,IMP

Micron Cartridge Filter
Quantity : 1 set

Cartridge Housing
Quantity : 2 nos.

High Pressure Pump
Type : Multistage Centrifugal

Membrane Housing
Type : SS

Type : High Rejection Brackish water

Flow Meter
Quantity : 2 nos.

Quantity : 3 nos.
Type : IMP